Building an RTI/MTSS System for Mental-Health: Guidance for School Teams

Jim Wright is presenting a 3-session workshop series (W16 January, Th 28 February, Th 14 March 2019) for Easten Suffolk BOCES: Building an RTI/MTSS System for Mental-Health:Guidance for School Teams.

Session 1 (16 January 2019): RTI/MTSS for Behavior: Master the Model

Here are online resources from our first session:

Optional 'Homework':Assignments:

  1. Sketch Out Your RTI/MTSS-Behavior Plan. 
    -RTI/MTSS for Behavior: District-Wide Planning Tool 
  2. Conduct Your Own Behavior Needs Assessment:
    -School/District Behavioral Needs Assessment: PowerPoint
    -School/District Behavioral Needs Assessment: Handout
  3. Assess & Promote a Positive Belief System Among Staff.
    -Belief About Behavior Survey-4th Edition (D. Browning Wright)
    -Big Ideas in Behavior Management: PowerPoint
    -Big Ideas in Behaivor Management: Handout
  4. Define Expectations for Classroom Behavior Interventions.
    -What Are Your Expectations of the Teacher as Behavior-Management ‘First Responder’?
  5. Map Your School Programs/Practices that Support SEL. 
    -NYS Social-Emotional Learning Benchmarks

Session 2 (28 February 2019): RTI/MTSS for Behavior: Write Classroom Support Plans

Here are online resources from our second session:

Session 3 (14 March 2019): RTI/MTSS for Behavior: Follow the Data

Here are online resources from our final session:

TIer 2: Range of Programs/Services

  • Behavior Education Program/Check In-Check Out
    -Responding to Problem Behaviors in Schools: The Behavior Education Program is an excellent manual written by the BEP/CICO program creators and available through booksellers (ISBN-13: 978-1606236000).

Data Collection 'Toolkit':for Monitoring Tier 1-3 Behaviors:

  1. Behavior Report Cards Handout/Behavior Report Card Online App
  2. Checklists Handout/Self-Check Behavior Checklist Maker Online App
  3. Behavior Frequency Count Handout
  4. Momentary Time Sampling:: Attention Handout
  5. Behavior Log & Scatterplot Handout
  6. Monitoring Adult Prompts Handout

National Center on Intensive Intervention

MTSS-B: Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Sketch Out Your RTI/MTSS-Behavior Plan.1. Sketch Out Your RTI/MTSS-Behavior Plan.