Academic Interventions

Academic Intervention Apps

Reading: Sight-Words

Math Facts

  • How To: Master Math Facts: Cover-Copy-Compare
  • Math Computation: Increase Accuracy and Productivity Rates Via Self-Monitoring and Performance Feedback
  • Math Computation: Increase Accuracy By Intermixing Easy and Challenging Computation Problems
  • Math Computation: Promote Mastery of Math Facts Through Incremental Rehearsal
  • Math Computation: Student Self-Monitoring of Productivity to Increase Fluency
  • Peer Tutoring in Math Computation with Constant Time Delay
  • Self-Administered Folding-In Technique: Math Facts

Reading: Phonics

Academic Anxiety

  • Managing Academic Anxiety Through an Antecedent Writing Activity

Cooperative Learning


  • Work-Planning Skills: Plan, Work, Evaluate, Adjust


  • How To: Master Spelling or Sight Words: Cover-Copy-Compare
  • Integrated Writing Instruction
  • School-Wide Strategies for Managing... WRITING
  • Sentence Combining: Teaching Rules of Sentence Structure by Doing
  • Spelling: Repeated Review of Spelling Words with Shared Rime
  • Spelling: Self-Correction with Verbal Cues
  • Writing Instruction: Effective Elements

Reading Fluency

Reading Comprehension

General Academic

  • Flashcards with Constant Time Delay: Letters, Numbers, Sight Words, Math Facts, Vocabulary
  • Games, Contests & Puzzles: Entertaining Ideas for Educating Students
  • Group-Response Techniques
  • Help Signal
  • Instruction Strategies
  • Introducing Academic Strategies to Students: A Direct-Instruction Approach
  • Reducing Problem Behaviors Through Good Academic Management: 10 Strategies
  • Teacher Strategies to Promote Learning
  • The Instructional Hierarchy: Linking Stages of Learning to Effective Instructional Techniques

Study & Organization


  • Applied Math Problems: Using Question-Answer Relationships (QARs) to Interpret Math Graphics
  • Math Problem-Solving: Combining Cognitive & Metacognitive Strategies
  • Number Operations: Strategic Number Counting Instruction
  • School-Wide Strategies for Managing... MATHEMATICS
  • Self-Monitoring: Customized Math Self-Correction Checklists

Early Math Fluency

  • Number Sense: Promoting Basic Numeracy Skills through a Counting Board Game