Behavior Rating Scales Report Card Maker

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Step 1

Enter the basic form information

Behavior Report Cards are customized behavior rating forms that educators can use to evaluate targeted student behaviors on a daily basis or even more frequently.

Use this application to create your own Behavior Report Cards in pdf format with rating items unique to the students that you are rating. You are welcome to create Behavior Report Cards at no cost for use in your school or home setting and to share them with others.

**NOTE: If you would like to continue to use the previous version of the Behavior Report Card Maker--the Behavior Reporter--you can find it HERE.**

Also, you may want to review the Intervention Central 'QuickGuide' for helpful directions on how to create a free account as well as to open, save, and delete documents.

Complete the fields below as the first step in creating your Behavior Report Card.

Step 2

Select your behavior goal statements

You have the option of selecting and editing pre-defined goal statements for your behavior report card by clicking on any of the behavioral categories below. Or you can create your own custom goal by clicking on the 'Add Custom Goal Statement' link.

Goal Statement Response Format
Add Custom Goal Statement

Add Goal Statement Cancel
Step 3

Generate the report card

You can generate your Behavior Report Card in several formats: Daily, Daily by Time of Day, Daily by Location, and Weekly. You can also click the 'Preview' button at any time to view any one of these report card types.

You can insert up to 5 different time periods in the 'Daily by Time of Day' version of the Behavior Report Card. To select a time span, (1) click on the Start Time box and enter a start time, (2) click on the End Time box and enter an end time, and then (3) click on the Add Time of Day link to save that time-span.

Add Time Of Day

You can insert up to 5 different locations in the 'Daily by Location' version of the Behavior Report Card. To select a location, (1) type a location into the text box and then (2) click on the Add Location link to save that location.

Add Location

Save Custom Goal Statement

You may save this customized goal statement to use in future report cards. Select a category under which the goal is to be saved and then click the Save Goal Statement button.