Jim Wright is a national trainer and consultant to schools and organizations on a broad range of topics relating to school improvement. Jim is a certified school psychologist and school administrator in central New York State and has over 17 years experience in public education. He has worked in both urban and suburban schools.
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Jim has particular expertise as a consultant and trainer on issues relating to Response to Intervention, the Common Core State Standards, and academic/behavioral interventions and assessments for struggling students. He has worked with a variety of schools in New York and other parts of the country, helping them both to map out steps for improving their educational practices and to motivate their staff to support those positive changes.


Jim is also the creator of Intervention Central (, a popular website with free intervention and assessment resources for educators in grades K-12. With many school districts across the nation now facing serious budget constraints, Jim's goal is to make Intervention Central the top website for high quality RTI resources available at no cost--including articles on effective academic and behavioral intervention practices and interactive tools to create assessment and other materials.




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