Training Videos & Related Resources

This page contains short training videos by Jim Wright on intervention and assessment topics.


 Academic: Problem-Solving
How to Define Academic Problems for Intervention Planning Related Resources

Academic Intervention Ideas: General Skills
How to Find & Fix Academic Survival Skills  Related Resources

 Academic Intervention Ideas: Reading
How to Boost Reading Comprehension: Ask-Read-Tell
Related Resources

How to Boost Reading Comprehension: Read-Ask-Paraphrase Related Resources

How to Build Sight-Word Vocabulary With Reading Racetracks Related Resources

Math Intervention Ideas
How to Acquire Math Facts, Spelling: Cover-Copy-Compare Related Resources

 Behavior Intervention Ideas
How to Use Active Response Beads to Promote Behavioral Self-Control  Related Resources

How to Manage Behavior in the Classroom: Praise Related Resources

Data Collection & Assessment  
How to Collect Data in the Classroom: Checklists  Related Resources

How to Collect Data in the Classroom: Rubrics Related Resources


How To: Define Academic Problems: The First Step in Effective Intervention Planning