UIW Presentation: The Teacher as Classroom Intervention First-Responder: How to Find & Fix Academic Skill Deficits

 On Saturday, 13 September 2014, Jim Wright presented a workshop, The Teacher as Classroom Intervention First-Responder: How to Find & Fix Academic Skill Deficits, for the Dreeben School of Education at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. Here are resources shared at the training:

The Teacher as Tier 1 First Responder: Core Instruction & Classroom Intervention

Classroom Data Collection

Curriculum-Based Measurement: Sample Measures and Norms

CBM Type

Online CBM Application

CBM Directions & Norms

CBM: Letter Name Fluency & Letter Sound Fluency
 Letter Name Fluency Generator  LNF/LSF: Directions & Norms

CBM: Oral Reading Fluency

Reading Passage Generator

Oral Reading Fluency: Directions & Norms

C BM: Maze Passages (Comprehension)

Maze Passage Generator

Maze: Directions & Norms

CBM: Early Math Fluency
Early Math Fluency Generator Early Math Fluency: Directions & Norms

CBM: Math Computation

Math Worksheet Generator

Math Computation: Directions & Norms

CBM: Written Expression

Writing Probe Generator

Writing: Directions & Norms


Online Tools for Data Collection

Here are links to free online tools to help teachers with data collection:


Sample Academic Interventions

Here are links to some  interventionists discussed at the training:

Here are 3 websites with good research-based intervention ideas:

This page contains short training videos by Jim Wright on intervention and assessment topics.


Academic Intervention Ideas
How to Find & Fix Academic Survival Skills Related Resources

How to Build Sight-Word Vocabulary With Reading Racetracks Related Resources

Behavior Intervention Ideas
How to Use Active Response Beads to Promote Behavioral Self-Control Related Resources

Data Collection & Assessment  
How to Collect Data in the Classroom: Checklists Related Resources

How to Collect Data in the Classroom: Rubrics Related Resources