Spread the Word about Intervention Central!

For more than a decade, Intervention Central has been a popular destination for schools looking for high-quality, free resources for assessment and academic  and behavioral intervention.  But we want to increase traiffic to the site still further--as this means that we can better fulfill our mission of getting our resources into the hands of as many educators as possible!


In fact, our ambitious goal for this year is to double the number of visitors who use this website.


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Here are really helpful ways that you can help us to increase our user base:


Recommend our site to others. People trust their friends. Suggest to your colleagues that they visit www.interventioncentral.org to access its wide range of free resources. Let them know that they can also create a free account on IC and save up to 60 unique documents (Behavior Report Cards, Accommodation Finder Plans, etc.).


Follow us on Twitter. You can follow us on Twitter to receive at least 4 tweets per week with information about useful resources, interesting research, and other topics relating to positive school change. Find a tweet that your friends would appreciate? Retweet!


'Like' us on Facebook. You can boost the profile of this website by visiting the Intervention Central page on Facebook and posting a 'like'.


Follow us on Google+. If you want to keep track of updates to the Intervention Central site, you can sign up to follow us on Google+--and share new IC resources with your Google circle(s).


Alert your friends to useful IC resources. Whenever you come across a tool, strategy, or other resource on Intervention Central that you know your friends would appreciate, you can communicate it to them instantly using the social-link buttons on every page (email, Twitter, Facebook Like) .


Put a link to IC on your website or blog. If you want to encourage others to use Intervention Central, you can put a link to the site (http://www.interventioncentral.org) on your school or personal website or blog.


Thanks so much for visiting Intervention Central and for considering these ideas to spread the word about our site!.

-Jim Wright