'Teaching the Tornado' in Grades 3-12

'On Thursday 6 February 2014, Jim Wright presented on the topic Teaching the Tornado' in Grades 3-12: Teacher Strategies to Effectively Instruct and Manage the Behaviors of the ADHD Student. for Nassau BOCES in Westbury, NY.

This page contains resources from that training:

Check out these interactive tools to create materials for managing behaviors or students with ADHD:

Here are websites that feature information about Tier 2/3 Intervention Programs:

  • Tier 2/3 Intervention Website: What Works Clearinghouse. This website reviews core instruction and intervention programs in reading & mathematics, as well as other academic areas. The site reviews existing studies and draws conclusions about whether specific intervention programs show evidence of effectiveness.
  • Tier 2/3 Intervention Website: Best Evidence Encyclopedia. This site provides reviews of evidence-based math and reading programs. The website is sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education's Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE) .


Here are websites that feature instruction/intervention ideas for the classroom:


What Works Clearinghouse Practice Guides. These short (60-100 page) manuals give research-based ideas for teachers and schools for interventions.


Cognitive Strategy Instruction. This website presents a series of interventions in which students are taught thinking strategies that they can use to perform better in reading, mathematics, writing, studying, and other areas. The site was created by Dr. Bob Reid and Torri Lienemann at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Reading, Math, & Writing Interventions from MSU . Find pages featuring intervention ideas to improve reading comprehension, writing, and math skills on this site. It is sponsored by the School Psychology Program at Michigan State University.


Intervention Central . The site has a range of academic and behavioral intervention ideas suitable for middle and high schools.


Evidence-Based Intervention Network. Created by Dr. Chris Riley-Tillman at the University of Missouri, this site has research-based intervention scripts for academics and behavior.


Behavior Advisor . Dr. Tom McIntyre of Hunter College offers research-based behavioral strategies for whole groups and individual students..NOTE: You must create a log-in account before you can access the free intervention ideas on this site.


Writing Next . Writing Next report on promoting adolescent writing skills (2007) from the Carnegie Corporation of NY.