Student Academic Success Strategies - Checklist Maker

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Student Academic Success Strategies - Checklist Maker

Success in school depends on the student acquiring effective 'academic survival' skills such as study skills, time management, and homework completion. The Academic Survival Skills Checklist Maker is a free application that allows teachers, students, and parents to assemble 'how to' checklists that can be used to train students in essential academic-support skills. These checklists are a great way to promote student independence and accountability! (For suggestions on how to use these checklists, download Jim Wright's Academic Survival Skills Checklists: 5 Ways to Help Students to Become Effective Self-Managing Learners.)


Click HERE to download the full Academic Survival Skills Checklist Maker manual

  • To browse 'academic survival skill' elements, select any of the categories from the 'Select Checklist' drop-down menu. Survival-skill ideas for the selected category will then load into the 'Selected Checklist' box. Click on the arrow next to survival-skill ideas that you would like to add to your customized survival-skill checklist and those ideas will load into the 'Your Checklist' box. Items in this box will go into your plan.
  • You can edit or add your own notes to any survival-skill idea in the 'Your Checklist' box by clicking the 'edit' button that appears next to it. A window will open and you will be able to make your edits or  type in your notes.

  • When you are ready to download your customized academic survival-skills checklist, you can do so by clicking on the tabs of the report choices below. You can download PDF or RTF (Microsoft-Word-ready) documents and can email these documents to others.  You can also apply a unique name to any checklist that you create by typing that name into the 'Report Title' box that appears near the bottom of the page under 'Printing Options'.
  • If you have already created a free account on Intervention Central, you can save your customized academic survival-skill checklist to that account. Just click the 'Save' button at the top of the page.
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