Learning Disability Accommodations Finder

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Learning Disability Accommodations Finder

Accommodations Finder is a free database of accommodation ideas to help students to attain the Common Core Standards while holding those students to the same learning expectations as peers.  Accommodations are grouped under six categories: Communication, Environment, Instruction, Motivation, Self-Management, and Task. Teachers can browse the 60+ strategies in this collection to create a custom checklist with ideas suitable for a specific class, small group, or individual student. Each teacher-made accommodations checklist can be saved to a free account for later retrieval--and can also be downloaded or emailed in text or PDF format.


Click HERE to download the full Accommodations Finder manual.

  • To browse accommodation ideas, select any of the categories from the 'Select Checklist' drop-down menu. Strategies for the selected category will then load into the 'Selected Checklist' box. 
  • Click on the arrow next to accommodation ideas that you would like to add to your customized accommodation plan and those ideas will load into the 'Your Checklist' box. Items in this box will go into your plan. You can rearrange the order in which items will appear in your plan by dragging them up or down in the 'Your Checklist' box.
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