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[19 May 2015] Motivating Through Contracts. A learning contract is a voluntary, student-completed document that outlines actions the learner promises to take in a course to achieve academic success. Find out how to use learning contracts in your classroom. View a completed contract and an interactive version that you can fill in online!

[6 May 2015] Here are new 'How To' videos recently posted on Intervention Central:
Pinpointing Academic Problems. The most difficult step in student academic interventions is describing the problem clearly and accurately. This video provides a 3-step structure for academic problem-ID statements.
Using Praise in the Classroom. Praise is a powerful tool to shape student behavior but is often underused in classrooms. Find out how to structure praise statements for maximum effectiveness!
Mastering Math Facts. Cover-Copy-Compare is a simple intervention that  promotes rapid acquisition of math facts (and spelling words). View this tutorial on how to use CCC with your students.

[4 May 2015] Encouraging Improved Classwide Discussion. Numbered Heads Together is an instructional technique built upon peer collaboration that promotes effective teacher questioning and extended student responding.
[4 May 2015] Using Mystery to Shape Behavior. The Mystery Motivator rewards students for appropriate behaviors and includes elements of uncertainty to give this classwide intervention added power.
[4 May 2015] Managing Behaviors in Groups Large & Small. The Teacher-Student Learning Game is a flexible procedure for managing instruction that offers incentives for appropriate behaviors and can be used with groups of any size.