Education Training Workshops

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Hi. I am Jim Wright, the creator of Intervention Central. I present workshops on topics relating to academic and behavioral interventions, assessment, and implementation of Response to Intervention. I schedule my workshops directly with schools, districts, and organizations.Browse my workshop descriptions below. Unless otherwise specified, workshops are a full day (5-6 hours) in length. However, I can customize workshops upon request (for example, condensing 2 workshop topics into a single day's training). If you would like more information about a specific training, please email me at

Gaining the Instructional Edge: Strong Behavior Management in Grades 3-12

Student misbehavior is a frequent interrupter of classroom instruction and a serious roadblock to attaining ambitious academic standards. This training is designed for general-education and special education teachers, support staff, and administrators in grades 3-12. It presents proven strategies to handle a full range of challenging behaviors in group or individual situations. All workshop content is research-based and drawn from principles of effective behavior management. The ideas shared in the workshop are compatible with Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.


The Teacher as Academic Intervention First-Responder in Grades K-2


With the national push for increased educational accountability, teachers must expand their repertoire of academic interventions for struggling students in the early primary grades. This workshop provides a bank of ideas that teachers can use to address English Language Arts and math skills for students in grades K through 2.

The Teacher as Academic Intervention First-Responder in Grades 3-12

As students move into the higher grades, they can bring with them a cascade of academic deficits--making it difficult for teachers to select appropriate interventions. This full-day workshop is designed for general-education classroom teachers and special educators in grades 3 through 12. The training shows instructors how to sort rapidly through multiple student issues to find the right academic target(s) and to create a manageable and effective classroom intervention plan.


 Finding the Spark: How to Give Students the Tools to Manage Their Own Learning


Middle and high school students can master the ambitious Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics only if they possess the tools and motivation necessary to take responsibility for their own learning. This full-day workshop is designed for general-education classroom teachers, special educators, support staff, and administrators working in middle and high school settings. The training provides guidance, diagnostic tools, and intervention strategies to train students to act as their own learning managers.

 Promoting Success for Special-Needs Students in General-Education Classrooms in Grades 3-12


A special-needs student in a general-education classroom presents a complex profile of learning strengths and needs. This full-day workshop reviews best practices in special education service-delivery for students with Learning Disabilities and other classifications who spend the majority of their time in general-education settings.