Chartdog Graphmaker


Welcome the a beta version of the new ChartDog Graphmaker. This application allows you to chart and update graphs of individual students.

***ChartDog Classic. If you are looking for the 'classic' version of ChartDog previously posted on Intervention Central, you can click here to open it. ***

IMPORTANT: To save information about a student graph online and access it at a future date, you must:
(1) have created a free Intervention Central account
(2) be currently logged in to your account. Then to save chart information at any time, you simply click the SAVE button at the top of the ChartDog page.
(Please note that the SAVE button is visible only to users with an account who are actively logged in.)

Because this application is newly released, we are still in the process of writing up detailed instructions for its use.
However, here is a quick overview of some of the features of the program, which you can access by clicking on the tabs below:

 DATA: Click on the Data tab to enter data (up to four series), set goal and aimlines for your student chart, etc.
 DATA ANALYSIS: Within the Data Analysis tab, you have the ability to compute the mean value of any phase, percentage of non-overlapping data points, or trend lines. You can also compute a 'No Assumptions Effect Size' for a data series.
 PRINT REPORTS: Within the Print Reports tab are controls to print the student chart in pdf format and to select what elements you choose to have appear in the student's pdf report.

To help us to make this beta application better, you can share feedback by accessing the site contact page. Thanks!



Data Series 1
Data Series 2
Data Series 3
Data Series 4

Data Analysis

Print Reports