RTI Success in Secondary Schools: A Toolkit for Middle and High Schools

NOTE: This book book is available from National Professional Resources, Inc.  for shipment by February 15, 2012. 
RTI Success in Secondary Schools: A Toolkit for Middle and High Schools is a step-by-step guide to implementing Response to Intervention (RTI) in middle and high schools to help students who struggle with academics and behavior. Written by Jim Wright, RTI trainer and consultant, the book provides advice for tailoring RTI to the realities of secondary settings, including compartmentalized instruction, highly demanding curriculum expectations, complex schedules--and students who are approaching adulthood and have a significant voice in their own educational program.
The book can help RTI stakeholders to:
  • Promote understanding and support for RTI among classroom teachers and other staff.
  • Train teachers and other educators to clearly define student academic and behavioral problems.
  • Guide teachers to select and carry out effective classroom interventions mat Tier 1.
  • Establish a school-wide screening program to use data to identify students at risk for learning or behavioral difficulties.
  • Develop a system of supplemental evidence-based interventions for struggling students at Tiers 2 and 3.
  • Create a strong Tier 3 RTI Problem-Solving Team to develop customized, intensive student intervention plans.
This book is ideal for administrators, school psychologist, counselors, and teachers who are interested in bringing the positive power of RTI to their secondary schools.